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SIMPLE - Yotam Ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi is back with 140 inventive recipes, rich in flavour and so simple that they are even more delicious.

Alliances of mythical Ingredients from the Middle East for an ever-exciting culinary journey.

Yotam Ottolenghi's new recipes are as delicious and original as ever, but accessible to all thanks to 6 simple principles spotted by pictograms.
- 30 minutes of preparation
- 10 ingredients maximum
- Time-saving recipes, to be prepared in advance
- Recipes from the closet
- Few utensils, few dishes
- Beginners' special

Practical hatch - 308 pages

Price €33.18

In Cucina, My Most...

A cookbook for lovers of Italy.
More than 200 traditional and modern recipes.
More than 10 techniques photographed step by step.
Product pages to choose the ingredients.
Dolce Vita boxes that will take you on a journey.
And for the first time in an Italian cookbook, a chapter dedicated to the street food of the Boot.
A work embodied by Alba Pezone, always passionate about the cuisine of his Beau (and Bon) Pays.
Buon appetito!

Price €29.17

Tel Aviv by Haya Molcho

A culinary dive in the heart of the bustling Tel Aviv... Tel Aviv is a city full of contrasts, stories and flavours: a vibrant melting pot of cultures and traditions. Born in this city, Haya Molcho recreates the flavours of her childhood by adding her unique signature that makes neNI restaurants a success. A typical Israeli cuisine but resolutely oriented to the other side. Accompanied by her four fils with whom she works, she takes us to meet the people of Tel Aviv, artists, artisans and chefs who every day shape a gastronomic culture nourished by multiple inspirations. A book in the image of this tee-faced and sunny city...

Price €24.92

Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese cuisine is not only traditional with its Caldo verde, Bacalhau à Bràs, or Pasteis de nata, it also innovates with trendy and sparkling recipes such as the octopus salad das Beiras, the Morue as a tartare, or the Queijadas com ginja. So enjoy yourself!

Price €24.96

The Big Blue

Dive with Yoni Saada in The Great Blue and discover 100 recipes illustrating the spirit of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean is at the heart of Yoni Saada'scuisine. He invites us here to discover these sunny regions by obviously interested in seafood, but also in spices, condiments, meats and street food that make the gastronomic reputation of the Mediterranean basin.

Price €24.92

Eating Lebanese

The simple and rich Lebanese cuisine presented by local cooks and producers. Everyday recipes accompanied by technical focus to be sure not to miss them: the 10 commandments of the taboo, the art of modeling kebbe ... The book revolves around a journey across the country to discover people, landscapes, a whole art of living to enjoy and come together around simple and friendly things. Recipes: Thanks to this book, it will be easy to prepare at home the famous kebbe, falafel, taboo (the real one) and other hummus, but also shawarma to make at home, stuffed, stews, tarator sauce, vegetarian dumplings with bulgur and lentils.

Price €24.17

Algeria Gourmande

Culinary journey in Ourida's kitchen

A travelling cookbook or a travelogue, Algeria Gourmande is a lively and rich culinary adventure. A deliciously spicy journey of encounters through the Algerian terroir with 60 emblematic recipes.

Price €29.17

Bazaar - Sabrina Ghayour

100 vegetarian recipes from the Cheffe star of Persian cuisine.

Sabrina Ghayour delights your taste buds with vegetarian recipes inspired by the smells, colours and flavours of traditional Middle Eastern markets: Chickpea Keftas and Vegetables, Pastilla with Roasted Vegetables, Naan with Dates, Fresh Cream Shallot Flowers with Paprika, Pavlova with Cinnamon, Mini-baklavas with squash...

Price €20.79

I eat Mediterranean

The renewal of the Mediterranean "diet" to eat balanced all year round by cooking beautiful and good.

Eleonora Galasso has collected and reworked recipes from all over the Mediterranean Sea to cultivate this art of living and living better for longer. A maniera of simple cooking while respecting the food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, fruits, cereals and oilseeds every day, fish and seafood at least twice a week, poultry, eggs and cheese occasionally, red meat and desserts as little as possible. Recipes from Italy, the South of France, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt... to cook without moderation to live better.

Price €13.25

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